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While Your Child Is At Camp

Typical Camp Day

7:15am – Wake-up

8:15am – Breakfast

8:45am – Morning Activity or Free Rec

9:00am – Cabin Activity

10:00am – Morning Devotional

10:15am – Bible Time Activities

12:00pm – Lunch

12:30pm – Rest Period/Auxiliary Rec

1:15pm – Boys Recreation/Girls Swim/Arts & Crafts

2:45pm – Canteen

3:00pm – Girls Recreation/Boys Swim/Arts & Crafts

4:30pm – Free Recreation

6:00pm – Dinner

6:30pm – Free Recreation

7:00pm – Evening Recreation

7:45pm – Canteen

8:00pm – Evening Devotional

8:30pm –Dismissal to Cabins

Email Your Camper

Emails are printed and distributed 3x a day. Send emails to with your child's name in the subject line. 

Letters To Your Camper

Letters or postcards are welcomed by all campers.  
To write a camper, use the following address:

Camper Name
Camp WaMaVa
1042 Oregon Hollow Rd
Linden, VA 22642

Daily Photos Posted Online

At the end of each day of camp photos are posted on Flickr.  Simply search Camp WaMaVa on Flickr or click on the two dots on our social media line at the top of this page. 


Director's Journal

We want parents to feel connected to their camper's experience as much as possible. In addition to daily pictures posted on our website and a video montage created at week's end, the director will email a report at least once per week describing the activities campers have experienced. We hope this enables you to ask more than just the "How was camp?" question when you pick up your child at the end of camp...and more importantly...prompts your child to give more than just an "It was great!" answer.


Limit Phone Calls, Please

Camp WaMaVa only has one phone line. Therefore, it is reserved for emergency use only. We encourage you to email your child or send letters/postcards.  Emails and letters are distributed three times a day before all mealtimes.

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