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About Camp WaMaVa

A Christian Overnight Camp Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Camp WaMaVa's mission is to provide a safe environment where each camper is appreciated, play is important, lifelong friendships are forged, and a relationship with God is strengthened.


Our Story

Camp WaMaVa was founded in 1956 by a group of Christians in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. The vision was to establish a retreat for youth from DC, Virgina, and Maryland to be able to reconnect with nature and God.  Camp WaMaVa continues to advance our mission of connecting today's youth to the beauty of nature, the fun of the outdoors, the opportunity to connect with others, and the ability to connect with God.

Our Team



Camp Directors and Admin Staff

Meet and learn about our

2024 Camp Directors and Staff


2024 Counselors

Meet our 2024 Counselors


Board of Directors

Meet our Board of Directors

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