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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I to pay the $350 in addition to the $50 deposit?

No. The cost to attend camp is $350 per week ($325/week if paid in full by March 1st). A $50 deposit is required to process your application. The balance of the camper fee is due on June 1st.

Do you provide scholarships?

We have a limited Campership program for families with financial need. We ask that you first contact your church for financial assistance and/or pay as much as you're able so that the program funds can serve as many as needed.

What time do I need to arrive on Registration Day?

Within a week of your child's first day at camp, you will receive an email stating your child's cabin assignment, counselors, and requested arrival time (somewhere between 2-4pm). Please arrive as close to your arrival time as possible. This allows us to devote appropriate time for each family to answer questions, to reduce crowd congestion, and to greet everyone upon arrival!

Can my camper bunk with a friend?

Yes. When registering, one of the enrollment fields is titled "Friend Bunking Request." In this field, ONE request may be submitted. We will do our best to honor each camper’s request. Please list only one friend request per camper.

My camper would like to be bunked with multiple friends. Can they all be placed in the same cabin?

To make our cabin assignment process as missional and equitable as possible, we can only guarantee one friend request per camper.

What if I request a friend and the friend does not request me?

We cannot guarantee friend requests if they don't reciprocate each other. We recommend coordinating these arrangements prior to registering.


Can my camper be with the same counselor from last year?

Even if your previous counselor is returning this summer, we cannot guarantee any cabin or counselor specific requests. We can only guarantee that your child will be bunked with his/her requested friend.

What if I need to pick up my camper before Sat AM?

Please inform your child’s counselor and the camp director if you need to pick up your child prior to Saturday AM.


I cannot bring my camper until after 5pm Sunday. Where do I check-in when I arrive at camp?

If you arrive at camp after the check-in period, locate the camp Director to check-in.


My camper will be staying for 2 weeks. 
Do I need to check-in for the 2nd week that my camper is going to be at camp?

No. You only go through the check-in process once (on your child’s first day). When your child’s second week starts, check-in directly with your child's counselor anytime between 2-4pm.

If my camper is camping consecutive weeks, do I need to pick up my camper the Saturday of the first week and then return the next day?

Yes. All two-week campers must go home Saturday (pickup between 9-11am) and return Sunday (between 2-4pm) for their second week. You will not need to check-in again for the 2nd week.

Is there a Bible my camper can use? Does it matter what version?

We encourage your child to bring a Bible in a version he/she can understand. We have extra Bibles at camp if your child needs one.


Can I call my camper to see how he/she is getting along?

Camp WaMaVa only has one phone line. Therefore, it is reserved for emergency use only. We encourage you to email your child or send letters/postcards.  Emails and letters are distributed twice a day during lunch and dinner mealtimes.


How can my camper get in touch with me?

In case of emergency, we will contact you by the phone number provided on the application. Otherwise, your child can contact you via mailed letters. Please provide your child with stationery and stamps if he/she would like to write home.


What if my camper doesn't like the meals being served?

We offer at least 3-4 dishes at every meal. There is always a fruit and/or vegetable offered. If a camper does not care for any given meal, Cheerios are available at breakfast and PB&J is available at lunch/dinner. This is neither too prevalent that you should worry about your child eating PB&J all week, nor is it too rare that your child would feel out of place for requesting the alternative. We keep our menu kid-friendly.


My camper has special dietary needs, how will that be handled at camp?

We are limited in our ability to accommodate special dietary needs. We cannot prepare specialized meals given our kitchen and staffing constraints. We have a refrigerator/freezer, microwave, and shelving area in the Mess Hall that are available to campers. If your child has special dietary needs, you may send alternative food items as long as they fit on the shelves or in the fridge. They must either be ready-to-eat out of the box or able to be cooked in a microwave. Campers must be able to prepare the items themselves. If you have any questions about the menu or further requests for your child's food needs, please see the director on Registration Day.

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