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News and Updates

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2024 Camp Directors

Gabby Jones and Joshua Decker

It is a pleasure to announce our Co-Directors for Camp WaMaVa 2024!

Gabby has only missed one summer at WAMAVA since she began as a camper, and it was the summer she got married (on location at WAMAVA, by the way). Gabby loves camp and its mission so when she shows up, she's down to be whatever she needs to be to fulfill the mission. She has done anything and everything, including most recently the Vice President of the Board of Directors.

Joshua has been involved with WAMAVA since his camper years and beyond. Joshua has ALSO filled almost every role you could think of when he's serving with us. If he's there, he's always creating joy with kids or has his hands dirty in a project. He's dependable in every shape and form; and loves camp so much he drives all the way from Texas.

Thank you for any support you have shared with us so far. We know transitions bring about many thoughts and feelings.


Support WaMaVa

During this transition, here are a few ways to support WAMAVA:

1. Follow us on social media

2. Invite your friends to volunteer this summer

3. Ask us about attending a WAMAVA work day

4. Pray for leadership and WAMAVA's mission

The Passing of the Clipboard

 - a letter from Joe​ 

It is with bittersweet feelings that I announce I will not be returning as Camp WaMaVa director next summer. This decision came after much thought, prayer, and discussion with close friends in Christ. It's time for this change, but I will, of course, continue to support and participate in the great things of Camp WaMaVa from more afar.​


Thirty years ago, by God's grace, my faith journey was forever altered when I attended Camp WaMaVa for the first time. Since then, it has become my life's work; teaching me more, blessing me more, and connecting me more with God and His people beyond any other experience I've had. God has changed my life through this community of people. I could write my own Hebrews Chapter 11 of all the faith giants I've encountered at WaMaVa. I'm forever grateful.


The simplest way I can describe my reasoning for stepping down is that the scope of the job increasingly exceeded my ability to meet its demands. While the summer camp season is only 7 weeks long, it requires a year-round effort. Compounding the issue was my family and I moving to Denver at the end of last summer. Ultimately, Camp belongs to God and He is more than sufficient to meet its needs.​


Thankfully, God continues His mission at camp through several faith giants you already know. Gabby Jones and Joshua Decker, along with their admin team, have answered the call to lead Camp WaMaVa through its next chapter. They are devoted, capable, and gifted. They love Jesus and your kids and I've yet to find a limit to their love and dedication to WaMaVa. They are an answered prayer. To best respect Gabby and Joshua as new Co-Directors, I will keep a low profile this summer; but expect to make a WaMaVa appearance long enough to drop-off/pick-up my kids for their camper weeks and maybe wrangle a snapping turtle.​


My deepest thanks to all parents, campers, counselors, staff, donors, and volunteers who have blessed camp. You've made an eternal impact on my life. God is so good. May God bless you and Camp WaMaVa!"

- Joe

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