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Kevin Thie


Joined Board: 1992

"I have always loved Camp Wamava, since my years as a camper. I have enjoyed volunteering over these many years. I simply love serving as I'm able too, up at Camp Wamava."

Camp WaMaVa Board of Directors

Nathan Bates

Joined Board:  2024

"I attended Wamava as a kid and now my kids now attend."

Deb Binkley


Camp Operations (Chair), Governance

Joined Board:  1996

"I have been involved in camp since I was in 3rd grade and I wanted to continue my involvement. I enjoy working with the parents - helping them get their children to camp.  I wanted to represent our local church on the board."

LaQuita Boddy


Joined Board:  2024

"I believe in the goals and mission of the organization. Every kid should be able to have the summer camp experience and I believe that Camp Wamava and similar camps are doing a wonderful job with providing children that experience but most of all putting Christ at the center.."

Brian Bosley


Joined Board: 2018

"I feel camp is a great place for kids to help make them feel important and learn about Jesus. I enjoy serving on the board because I can use the gifts that God game me to help to make the facilities better."


Gary Evans


All Ex-Officio

Joined Board: 2015

"I became a member of the board to better serve God through camp's mission. I feel rejuvenated in my faith every time I spend time at camp as a volunteer serving and watching our staff and volunteers carry out our mission to the children of the DMV."

Sharon Hicks

Fundraising (Chair)

Joined Board: 2022

"I believe in the mission of Camp Wamava and the powerful impact attending camp can have on a young well as adult volunteers. I enjoy cooking in the kitchen and helping with general maintenance."

Jon Huddleston

Facilities (Chair), Governance

Joined Board: 2019

"Camp is an important formative experience and should be Christ centered and dedicated to reach both those who have grown up in the church and those who have never been to church before. I enjoy helping to keep the camp facilities maintained and updated to enable all the ministry efforts."

Gabby Jones

Finance, Fundraising, Strategic Planning, Camp Operations, Facilities

Joined Board: 2018

"I love being able to be a part of making a difference at WaMaVa from the behind the scenes as well as on the grounds. I like to think that I am able to be a representative and advocate for those we serve and work with in the Summer and give a perspective that keeps our board focusing on the mission."


Audra Parker

Public Relations (Chair), Governance (Chair), Fundraising, Strategic Planning

Joined Board: 2018

"I’ve always enjoyed volunteering at camp when my kids went as campers. I joined the board’s efforts in working to make camp a fun and safe place for kids to have fun and to learn about God’s love for them."

Dave Parker

Executive Board, Finance, Facilities

Joined Board: 2018

"My family has been greatly and positively impacted by Camp Wamava across the many years we have been active as campers, counselors, and volunteers. Even though our own kids have "aged out", we now have other family members whose primary faith experience is via being a camper at Camp Wamava. Seeing the great impact to them and to so many other kids spurs us on to keep supporting the great mission of Camp Wamava!"

Lydia Rollins

Finance (Chair)

Joined Board: 2021

"I have loved camp since I was a camper, many years ago. I want to make sure camp is here for my grandchildren and all campers to draw closer to Jesus."

Gary Snell


Joined Board: 2014

"I have found great satisfaction in continuing this mission into the next generation. It is my continued prayer that we can maintain a significant Christian relevance, and not get too in the weeds with the “good missions” to the detriment of the “great mission”."

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