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Check-in Day

No later than the day before your expected Sunday arrival, you will receive an email with your camper’s cabin assignment, counselor name, and requested arrival time. (Our goal is to notify you a few days earlier than that.) We’ll attempt to schedule bunkmates and family groups for the same arrival time. Please adhere to the requested arrival time as closely as possible for an even registration flow.

Please submit all forms & payments and update all medication directions in your parent dashboard prior to arrival.

During Check-in day:

  • Upon arrival, park on either side of the road where it crosses the creek. There will be a check-in station in the parking area where the director will meet your party.

  • If you have any outstanding forms to fill out, payments to make, or medications to drop off with our camp nurse, we’ll direct you to the front porch of the Mess Hall.

  • Once complete, you’ll pick out your Camp WaMaVa T-Shirt in the parking area.

  • Our admin and counseling staff will then help unload your camper’s belongings from your vehicle and escort you to your camper’s cabin.

  • Pick out your bunk, make the bed, speak with your camper’s counselor, and ask any questions you may have.

  • Give your camper an embarrassing good-bye smooch! We’ll have activities for your camper to enjoy on the grounds. Your traveling party can then head home so the next group of campers can arrive.

We look forward to seeing you at WaMaVa!

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