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Camp WaMaVa relies on dedicated volunteers to serve each week in the roles of Kitchen Assistants, Bible Program Facilitators, and Camp Nurse. On-site housing and meals are provided.

  • Bible Program Facilitators - The primary function of Bible Program Facilitators is to supervise the campers during morning Bible time and conduct the Bible lessons/activities. Facilitators work in tandem with WaMaVa admin staff during our morning Bible Time. Each day, we will have a theme passage of Scripture and a theme activity that each camper will experience. Facilitators and admin staff will split into groups and rotate the campers through stations where they hear a lesson and participate in activities. Lessons and activity materials will be prepared ahead of time by WaMaVa staff and board members. Your job is to help facilitate the plan.

  • Kitchen Assistants - These folks work under the Kitchen Chief to prepare meals for the camp within the Virginia Dept of Health's safety guidelines.

  • Camp Nurse - Nurses are in charge of all medical determinations at camp: administering medication (after meal times and before bed), treating sickness/injuries, calling parents of sick/injured campers, and transporting campers to urgent care or the hospital.

Additional Volunteer information can be found in the Volunteer Handbook.

-All Volunteers are subject to a criminal background check

-Zoom training meetings will be offered in early Spring

Coming Soon! 2024 Volunteer Application
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