Bible Teachers are needed for two 45-minute class sessions per day, from Mon-Fri of their selected week. The teaching curriculum will be provided in advance before you arrive for your week of camp. 

Kitchen Assistants are needed from 4pm Sunday to 9am Saturday of their selected week. 

A Camp Nurse is needed from 1:45pm Sunday to 9am Saturday of their selected week.

Air-conditioned quarters are available for our volunteers and we encourage you to stay with us for the week.

If you are interested in serving one of these rewarding positions for a week, please submit an application!


New for Camp WaMaVa 2020 Volunteers

-We will conduct training sessions for volunteers who are local to DC, MD, and VA. Check out the application for dates/times/locations.

-For more information about being a WaMaVa volunteer, please read the Volunteer Handbook!


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