For the 2021 season, we have reduced the number of weekly, rotating volunteer slots in order to limit exposure risks to campers and staff as best as possible per CDC/ACA guidelines.

We do need Kitchen Assistants and a Camp Nurse each week. However, the Bible program will be administered by the full-time staff this year. This is not a permanent change. We believe that the intergenerational relationships built between volunteers and campers/staff are critical to our mission and our representation in Christ’s body. We look forward to our volunteer teachers returning in 2022!

Please note:  We ask our Volunteers to refrain from bringing non-camper family members with them for their assigned week to limit exposure risks.


2021 Volunteer Needs

Week 1

All Positions Filled!

Week 2

All Positions Filled!

Week 3

All Positions Filled!

Week 4

1 Nurse

Week 5

All Positions Filled!

Week 6

All Positions Filled!