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Camp WaMaVa relies on dedicated volunteers to serve each week in the roles of Kitchen Assistants, Bible Program Assistants, and Camp Nurse. On-site housing and meals are provided.

  • Bible Program Navigators - The primary function of the Bible Navigators is to help guide campers through the mysteries that the Bible presents through guided adventure. The role of the Navigators is to provide direction, guidance and clues or hints while leading campers to answers. Each week has an overarching theme with different objectives and activities planned by the Admin team. Our goal is to help Campers discover God through exploration and play. We will use puzzles , clues and activities to accomplish this goal. There will be a mix of different activities daily beginning with a set up each morning and ending with a recap and journal time. We would like to step away from the traditional classroom setting putting larger emphasis on movement.

  • Kitchen Assistants - These folks work under the Kitchen Chief to prepare meals for the camp within the Virginia Dept of Health's safety guidelines.

  • Camp Nurse - Nurses are in charge of all medical determinations at camp: administering medication (after meal times and before bed), treating sickness/injuries, calling parents of sick/injured campers, and transporting campers to urgent care or the hospital.

Additional Volunteer information can be found in the Volunteer Handbook.

-All Volunteers are subject to a criminal background check

-Zoom training meetings will be offered in early Spring

2024 Volunteer Openings
Week 1 - Nurse - Filled
               Kitchen - Filled               
               Bible Nav. - 1 Position Available

Week 2 - Nurse - Filled

                Kitchen - 1 Position Available
                Bible Nav. - 1 Position Available

Week 3 - Nurse - Filled
                Kitchen - Filled
                Bible Nav. - Filled

Week 4 - Nurse - Filled
                Kitchen - Filled
                Bible Nav. - Positions Available

Week 5 - Nurse - Filled
                Kitchen - Filled
                Bible Nav. - 1 Position Available

Week 6 - Nurse - Filled
                Kitchen - 1 Position Available
                Bible Nav. - 1 Position Available
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