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Camp WaMaVa Pool Refurbishment

The Mac Jacobs pool is a highlight of our campers' summer experience. It is a most beloved memory-making part of our program! And for many who attend WaMaVa, their week at camp is their only opportunity to swim in a pool all summer.

Our pool was constructed in 1991 and is in need of some TLC. It leaks water. The skimmers are cracked. The concrete decking is breaking up. All normal things to expect from an almost 30 year old pool. Our goal is to refurb our existing pool, update it to existing state codes, and make it last for another 30 years!

Here's what we hope to accomplish:

-New concrete decking

-Add another main drain

-Replace skimmers

-Replace tiles and coping stones

-New plastering

-Replace fencing

-New pool light housings

Would you like to give toward the next 30 years of WaMaVa childhood memories? Please consider a donation as you close out 2019 and keep WaMaVa's mission in prayer. Thanks for considering!

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