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Camp Behavior Policy

Any camper is welcome to attend Camp WaMaVa. Our mission at WaMaVa is to be a place where each camper is appreciated, play is important, lifelong friendships are forged, and a relationship with God is strengthened. To achieve this mission, the physical and emotional safety of each camper must be a primary concern. The policy below has been implemented to address that concern for the safety of all campers and to fulfill camp’s mission.

The WaMaVa staff recognizes and understands that a camper may experience challenges within the camp environment. The desire to establish one's self, find a place to be accepted, and learn skills of independence can be difficult to navigate. At Camp WaMaVa, the staff are trained to anticipate possible reactionary behaviors associated with these potential challenges. They are prepared to be positive Christian mentors who provide an atmosphere of grace where each camper can flourish and grow. It is this positive, proactive approach that helps mitigate many potential behavioral problems and empowers the camper with enduring social skills. Despite our best efforts, behavioral issues or concerns sometimes arise. While it is not the desire of the camp director or staff to dismiss a camper, a camper will be dismissed from camp early in the following circumstances:


Physical Violence – using physical force to intentionally cause harm to an individual. All incidences of physical violence will be documented, physical injuries will be photographed, and parents will be informed (for each camper involved).

  • 1st occurrence – Referral to WaMaVa Admin, camper’s parent informed (for each camper involved), behavior intervention. If action was premeditated and injurious, camper dismissal from camp.

  • 2nd occurrence – Camper dismissal from camp.

If a camper is dismissed from camp for physical violence, they cannot return the following summer. After skipping a summer, and with approval from the WaMaVa Board of Directors, the violating camper may return but not during the same week as the harmed camper.


Verbal Harassment – Belittling language targeted toward an individual. Examples include, but are not limited to, namecalling, humiliation, offensive jokes, yelling, threats, and slurs.

  • 1st occurrence – Counselor Redirection

  • 2nd occurrence – Referral to WaMaVa Admin for behavior intervention

  • 3rd occurrence – Referral to WaMaVa Admin for behavior intervention, camper parent informed

  • If behavior continues more than 24 hours after 3rd occurrence, camper dismissal from camp


Below are the rules of behavior for a camper attending Camp WaMaVa. Campers must agree to follow these rules in order to attend camp.

  • As a camper, I will treat everyone at Camp WaMaVa with respect.

  • As a camper, I will not tolerate or participate in any kind of bullying behavior.

  • As a camper, I will immediately tell a counselor or the director if I feel in danger, threatened, mistreated, or unsafe in any way. I understand that Camp WaMaVa is always under adult supervision, a counselor is almost always directly nearby, and the Mess Hall is a safety zone.

  • As a camper, I will respect the faith practices (devotionals, Bible classes, prayers) of Camp WaMaVa. I will not be disruptive during these activities. I understand that I am encouraged to pray, sing, and read the Bible, but will not be forced to actively participate.

  • As a camper, I will follow all rules, directions, and the camp schedule.

  • As a camper, I will treat the property of Camp WaMaVa with care.

  • As a camper, I will have fun and enjoy my experience at Camp WaMaVa!

Click to download a copy of the policy.

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