COVID Planning Details

Over the past several weeks, the CDC, American Camping Association (ACA), and the Governor of Virginia have updated their COVID recommendations for overnight camps. Camp WaMaVa has revised our protocols based upon these updated recommendations. Below are the current protocols we will follow:

Activities in “Cohorts”:

The CDC encourages the use of “cohorts” to allow social interaction while limiting exposure. Cohorts are treated the same as a family group. This means that there is no masking or distancing requirement within one’s cohort. Virginia has permitted camper cohorts of up to 25 persons. At WaMaVa, a camper’s cohort will be his/her cabin mates plus the adjacent cabin’s campers (e.g. Campers in Cabin A will be in a cohort with Cabin A & Cabin B)

Masks and Indoor/Outdoor Gatherings:

The only times campers will be required to mask is during indoor activities where another cohort is present. Per updated recommendations, campers will NOT be required to mask when outdoors or within their cohort. We are programming our summer to minimize the number of indoor mixed cohort activities.

Bunking/Camper Numbers:

We will limit the number of campers to 100 per week. This allows us to safely maximize our enrollment numbers without compromising cohort integrity.

Rotating Staff and Visitors:

We are limiting the number of weekly rotating staff. Visitors will not be permitted during the week in an effort to limit exposure risk to campers and staff as much as possible.


Upon arrival, we will take temperatures of campers. During camp, we’ll conduct a daily symptom screening. If a camper has a fever of 101.4 F or greater he/she will be transitioned from their cohort to a quarantine area to await parent notification and pick up for home.


High touch surfaces in common areas, bathrooms, and cabins will be disinfected multiple times daily. At the end of each week, the cabin areas including beds/mattresses will be disinfected. Hand sanitizer will be available in all common areas. All campers and staff will be encouraged to sanitize their hands when transitioning between activities during the camping day.

Pickup/Dropoff Days:

-On Registration Day, everyone on the grounds must wear a mask. Once all campers have arrived and all parents/guardians have left, campers/staff may unmask per WaMaVa’s mask guideline.

-On Camper Pickup day, all campers and staff will put on a mask at the conclusion of Saturday breakfast. All arriving parents/guardians must wear a mask during pickup. Masks can be removed once the traveling party is back inside their vehicle.