Changes to Camp WaMaVa's Registration Process

For the 2021 season, Camp WaMaVa is changing our camper registration process. As with any change, we want to clearly communicate our new process and its reasoning.

Campers will be assigned their cabins prior to their first day of camp. We will no longer conduct a “first-come, first served” registration process.

Our summer 2021 registration will open on March 1. On the online registration form, there will be a new field titled “friend bunking request” on each camper profile. In this field, ONE request may be submitted. We will do our best to honor each camper’s request. Please list only one friend request per camper.

No later than the Saturday prior to your arrival at camp, you will receive an email containing your child’s cabin assignment, counselor name, and a requested arrival time. Arrival times will be staggered to avoid crowding and minimize wait times. Click here for Check-In Day arrival details.

We realize this is a significant change and want to share our reasons for making it:

  • It’s expedient – Summer 2021 will remain under several COVID guidelines. Staggered arrival times will safely allow us to keep crowds small without mass congregating around the registration table.

  • It’s equitable – While the “first-come, first-served” approach to registration order seemed fair and impartial, it often left late-arriving or late-registering campers at a disadvantage. Late-registering campers were effectively penalized with fewer cabin preferences while others got first pick of cabin and cabin mates. Our new approach ensures that each camper can at least have one preference fulfilled.

  • It’s missional – We want our new cabin settings to result in a more God-authored understanding of how to appreciate one another and the rich variety of places, families, and life-experiences from which we all come to camp. By finding the right cabin-mate balance of familiarity and newness, we hope to create space for even more Christ-centered friendships to be forged.

  • It’s welcoming – This new registration approach allows us more time to greet you upon arrival, help you move luggage, ask/answer questions about your child, get the kids playing right away without waiting around, and generally give you a period of undivided attention. This is especially important for our first-time campers and parents, some of whom found our previous process confusing and uncomfortable.

  • It’s typical – Though new to WaMaVa, assigning cabins prior to arrival is the norm for many overnight camps in the country.

Check out our FAQs page for more information regarding 2021 Registration.