Registration Day

Camp Address

1042 Oregon Hollow Rd  Linden, VA 22642

Check-In Time

Registration takes place between 2 - 4 pm on Sunday. 
Registration begins when the Registrar calls the first number.

Check-In Location

Registration takes place on the front porch of the mess hall.

Your Registration Number

When the Registrar received and processed your application, you were sent a number that indicates your registration order. Numbers were given in the order in which the applications were received. The lower your number, the sooner you register. If you've forgotten your number, a list is posted on the front mess hall door!

The Check In Process

During your registration, you will:
Reconcile any outstanding payments
Give the camp nurse any medicines/prescriptions your child will need for the
    week and any medication instructions
Choose your cabin assignment for the week (Cabins A,B,C, or D for Girls…
    Cabins A,B,C, or D for Boys)
Receive a slip of paper to hand to your counselor that indicates you’ve completed registration
Pickup your Camp WaMaVa T-shirt (included in camp fee)

After Check-in

After you’ve completed registration, you can proceed to your child’s cabin to drop off belongings, help make the bed, meet your child’s counselor, ask any further questions you may have, and give your new camper a loud, embarrassing good-bye smooch!

Walk-In Registration

Walk-in registrations are accepted (space permitting). There will be laptop stations in the mess hall where applications can be submitted electronically. Paper applications are not provided or accepted. Among the information needed on the application is Medical insurance carrier/number/contact info, medications/dosage/instructions, and emergency contact information (in addition to parent/guardian contact info), so please have that information handy. Walk-in registrations will be processed after all registration numbers have been called.


1042 Oregon Hollow Rd  Linden, VA 22642

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